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Disadvantages of Binary Plans

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The disadvantage of a binary plan is that because it only pays on the weak leg, it tends to favor super recruiters and heavy hitters. Here’s why: Since binary comp plans only allow 2 legs, anyone sponsored beyond the first 2 people must be placed under other people. This is called spillover. A recruiter will start building power legs – each one goes straight down with no branching. Everybody knows that you must – absolutely must – be in the power leg to maximize spillover from your upline. That way you only need to build one leg (your “weak” leg) rather than both legs (take another look at the picture above to see how this works.) If you join a heavy hitter, you are guaranteed to be in a very strong power leg. If you join an average, they are building their weak leg in the binary plan, so you will likely not end up in a strong power leg. You’ll have to do twice the work

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