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MLM Differential Business Plan

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A Differential plan, is fruitful if you are looking forward to a substantial sale of products and services. If you want to start the MLM business, based on resale of products, this will be best suited. In this type of commission, a distributor receives the difference between the amounts for which he qualifies and the amount for which his first level distributor qualifies. This plan is based on, the purchase of BV/PV. The BV's/PV's area unit pre-defined for the several products. Once a member purchases the product, they can earn profit in the form of BV/PV. Normally re-purchase commission is calculated with product BVs/PVs. Self PVs/Own PVs - PVs are produced by re-purchase of products by the member. Down-line PVs, PVs produced by re-purchasing products by down-line members. Group PVs is a summary of self-re-purchase PVs and down-line PVs.

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